Sunday, May 2, 2010

Peer Response to Esperanza's Celebrity Endorsement

For this weeks peer response, I read Esperanza’s blog in which she addresses the numerous celebrity endorsements for the product Proactiv. First, she does a great job off the bat in explaining what Proactiv is and why it is so widely advertised. Proactiv is an acne medication that is appealing to many girls of a variety of ages. Because of this, they use celebrities such as pop music stars and actresses to endorse their product. These are some of the most well known beautiful woman in the world so the point is for girls to believe that they are flawed, too and that this medication helped clear up there skin.

Esperanza does a great job as a critic, as she states that she is skeptical about how much truth is involved in the advertisement, as there are new endorsers almost every other month. Because of this, she feels as if the celebrities are just endorsing simply because of the money and that there must be very good pay for each commercial. She also does a good job pointing to how these celebrities have no real expertise in this area of medicine.

Lastly, the best thing Esperanza does is relate an outside article to her post because the article holds statistics that shows how the more an audience likes a celebrity, the higher there chances of purchasing a product of which they endorse. This, she claims is why it is easy to see why Proactiv hires so many celebrities.

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